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Good works arise from the true understanding of the works at hand and outside factors that are above andbeyond designing, whether it be the economy, environment, social, technology, history or local culture and arts that blends in together harmoniously.

"Suitability" is essential for good performance, the balance of factors which differs with the type of works, sometimes beauty is a priority, sometimes utilization is the essential, sometimes the economics leads and at other times the environment and culture.

We are the creator of places that certainly can shape the user's lifes. Our design work covers planning, building design, interior decoration, graphics ; as well as building structures that are pleasing to the clients and users.

We believe in a good and sound environment ; every building and place are a part of the community which is a part of the city, that in turn is a part of the country and the world. Building places should not solely serve a purpose on to itself but should also add to the positive surrounding of the community in all aspects.


Khun Achariya is the principal of Urban Group, which is the parent company of architecture, interior design and graphics companies. He graduated from King Mongkul Institute of Technology with honours class, and received his Master's Degree in Architecture, Master's Degree in City Planning and Certificate of Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. He started work as an architect with Design Develop Co., Ltd. in Bangkok. He worked with CKS & Partners in Singapore in 1981 Wigh Norman Day Associates 1983, and with RTKL companyin the United States in 1984 - 1987. In his 25 years of experience in urban development and architecture,
Khun Achariya took part in many projects both at home and abroad such as the Reston Town Center in Virginia, USA. Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, Thuwanna New Town in Myanmar, The Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok Thailand to name a few. Mr. Achariya has worked in urban planning all along in Thailand. He was an adviser to the Prime Minister on urban development in 1997, Director of the Association of Siamese Architect under Royal Patronage and the chairman of the Thai City Planner Society. He is also a visiting lecturer at many institutions and government agencies in Thailand.

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